We optimize and manage your entire corporate trip.

We have at your disposal expert advisors, who give you the best possible option on each demand.

Quality ,experience, customization and fine technological solutions customized for you, make Partner Travel your best choice.

Commercial Aviation

All the airlines in the world at your disposal to provide the best and fastest connection to whatever your destination may be.
For us, your Comfort and safety always comes first.


We provide most varied offers to all kind of accommodation around the world.
Hotels, "Pousadas", Apartments and Local Tourism. We bet on quality and location for your maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Land Transportation

We make sure that your transfer or rental car is right where you need it, exactly when you arrive at your destination.

Travel Insurance

Because we care, your peace of mind and safety are our main concern. That’s why we provide the Travel Insurance that always suits you better.


You shouldn't worry about legal authorizations regarding your travel - let us do that for you.
We'll figure out what kind of Visa you might need and get it for you.

Technologic Solutions

To "Corporate" segment we offer you a designed system with online reservations that you can adjust to your business needs.
Choose the flights, look for the best price, make your reservation We just issue the ticket, and wish you a pleasant flight!

Dedicated consultants

Our experienced and dedicated team will always put your expectations first.


We guarantee savings and cost efficiency through annual travel and events.
Partner Travel helps your company create a well-defined and comprehensively structured travel policy as this is the pillar of effective and sustainable travel and expense management for any business.




Planning successful events requires experience, knowledge and dedication! It is fundamental to:

Know the goals

Set the adequate Location

Tailor the whole exterior and interior environment to the  meeting’s theme

To guarantee perfect human, logistical and technological resources

Pay attention to details and be prepared for the unforeseen



Conferences, Congresses, Meetings, Seminars and Lectures

We help you to put it all together and manage the entire event, from A to Z! Our portfolio includes high competence and innovation productions; managing multiple vendors and partners; catering; accommodation; animation; technical support; secretariat; design and graphic production.

Team Building Activities and Incentive Travel

Team spirit is strengthened, engagement and commitment grows, amplifies, and gains more and more roots in the heart of each collaborator. An unforgettable journey can touch you forever through a creative, original team building, thought exclusively to work the company's spirit, mission and values. We’ll propose the most appropriate destination and best activities considering your target and guarantee the success of your action.



This is YOUR window to the WORLD – you just need to open it

Your imagination ... is not the limit -  it’s just the beginning of the adventure

The success of each travel depends mainly of a good preparation.

At Partner Travel , we start by asking  “ what’s your Dream “ ?? then, we make everything on our power to make sure that you get it.

Our local operators are always ready to welcome you.

Partner Travel makes real whatever lives in your imagination!

Customized Consulting

For each client, a fully adapted solution to each needs and expectations.

Decision support

We help you to get full knowledge about your destination so that you can decide on each step safely.

Wedding Lists

Because the best gift is to help someone to fully experience the travel of their dreams.



Team spirit is strengthened, engagement and commitment grow, amplifies, and gains more and more roots in the heart of each team member.

An unforgettable journey can be remembered forever through a creative and effective team building, thought exclusively to work the company's brand, mission and values.

We offer unique itineraries, locations and activities with unique and memorable moments.

Partner Travel helps you through the process!

Gift Voucher

The right incentive to propose healthy competition among colleagues and reward those who excel or simply stand by us and help us grow!

Team Building

Activities aimed at the consolidation and motivation of its teams.
Unique and Memorable Moments
Unique and unforgettable experiences that will stick to your firm forever.